India is an emerging market for instruments. In spite of having a labour intensive economy, India has successfully adopted the techniques of instrumentation. Since scientific instruments form the backbone of all activities related to the field of science, the process of instrumentation has been integrated into the overall process of research and scientific activity in India. This phenomenon of instrumentation has caused incremental enhancement of man-power skills in India and at the same time has lowered the cost of research and development. Innovativeness in the field of liquid chromatography & mass spectrometry, microscopes, ultra-low chillers & freezers, autoclaves, high-speed centrifuges, laminar flows, magnetic stirrers, bacteriological incubators, pipettes etc have ushered in a new era with radical connotations.

Indo Scientific & Surgicals (ISS) is an ISO 9001:2000 Company specializing in the commercialization of technical research products. Our primary objective is to address and solve the unique challenges faced by researchers, educators, doctors and analysts in their field of work. Our business process are guided  by the sole objective of providing our clients with a distinctive advantage in their in-house operations and to assist them to develop core competence. Cutting edge technology alleviates product-quality which needs constant upgradation in terms of precision and durability. Accuracy of product functionality must be the first priority with the precision that only automation can bring. We have built our reputation that only automation can bring. We have built our reputation based on our dedication to quality and innovation.

Indo Scientific & Surgicals (ISS) has thus evolved as the modus operandi for such products which migrate break-through technology from the laboratory to commercial field use.

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